Peeling skin, reasons and areas more prone to this condition

Peeling skin is one of the many skin issues that people are worried about and trying to collect information on how best to effectively care for their peeling epidermis.

The first thing we need to understand is the basic principles of skin care and to acquaint ourselves with necessary details on the strategies and products that work best without having adverse affects. There are several products promoted in the market today claiming to work miracles for dry and Peeling Skin but sad to say there are many products that cause more damage than good to the skin. It is therefore essential to take adequate precautions while purchasing these products and best is to go for a natural approach to treat your skin.

Peeling SkinAreas which are more prone to dry peeling skin

There is actually no specific area that is more prone to dry peeling skin, it could surface on any part such as the face, hands, arms, legs and feet. This happens mostly to those living in cold countries where it is bitterly cold and the climate is really very dry. This causes the skin to get dehydrated making it dry resulting in peeling of the epidermis.

What are the other reasons for dry and peeling skin?

A lot of times people experience dryness of the skin due to the use of soaps that have harmful chemicals and other fragrance oils in them that harm the skin. One has to choose their soaps and cleansers with care; gentle handmade soaps and cleansers are to be used to avoid any harm to the skin.

Alcohol based products are also not good for the skin; it is better to opt for mild foaming cleaning agents that do not deplete the skin of its natural oils and using deep hydrating products is beneficial to the skin.

Skin lotions containing the right type of ingredients such as active manuka honey, grape essential oil, shea butter and Babassu are to be used to avoid dry skin.

A lot of reasons are there for causing the skin to become dry and start peeling; the weather conditions play a major role in this, extreme weather conditions, pollution in the air, existing skin issues, unbalanced diet, too much exposure to sun mainly could all contribute towards dry peeling skin

Natural homemade remedies to combat peeling skin

Though a lot of commercial skin care products are available in plenty in the market, it is more beneficial to use homemade remedies that are safe at the same time effective and cost a fraction of the amount you would have to spend on the commercial products.

One of the best homemade remedies for dry peeling skin is applying natural yogurt and buttermilk to the skin, both of them being rich in lactic acid help to hydrate the top layer of the skin or the epidermis.

Yogurt, with its nutrients and natural oils helps to moisturize the dermis that has become dry and this brings back the glow and youthfulness to the skin.

You could also try out various homemade facial masks that provide additional moisture to the face and keep the skin soft and supple.

Simple steps to eliminate dry peeling skin

Facial scrub twice a week

Wash with natural facial wash

Pat dry with a soft towel

Immediately apply a hydrating moisturizer

If you scrupulously follow these simple basic steps of skin care you will not experience problems with peeling skin any more.

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