Peeling skin and how to avoid this condition

Peeling skin is a natural process that repeats every 28 days when the epidermis replaces its dead skin cells with fresh new ones. If this is the case for your peeling skin you need not panic and run to the dermatologist, but if dry peeling skin is feeling painful and begins to look ugly it is time to reach out for help or try out some trusted natural home remedies to combat this condition and stop it from escalating into a bigger problem.

What is the best solution to treat peeling skin?

Peeling skin could be caused due to various factors such as eczema, an inflammation in the top layer of the skin marked by red, flaky, dry skin that may be blistered or bleeding. This dry Peeling Skin could also be due to another skin issue, psoriasis which is also a skin inflammation that causes it to peel off in scales.

Peeling SkinIn the above two cases the best thing to do to treat the skin would be to use a natural skin care cream on a daily basis making sure the list of ingredients contains the following:

Active Manuka Honey

This is considered to have excellent healing properties since ancient times and provided great relief in treating several skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Further this has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin nourishing it and hydrating it from inside. This keeps the skin properly hydrated and also prevents inflammation and helps the skin from drying and peeling.


Allantoin is found naturally in some herbs such as wheat, comfrey and sugar beets. It stimulates regeneration of skin cells and helps to heal dry peeling skin completely. It further helps to soothe the skin and also eases the inflammation.

Pick skin care creams that contain these two ingredients or other ingredients similar to them; these will help you to become totally free from skin problems. These two ingredients are really natural and are also safe to use and besides all this there are absolutely no side effects with them.

Dry peeling skin on your feet

Another area that suffers often from dry peeling skin is our feet, most neglected by all of us but they are the ones that bear the entire weight yet never complain. Dry peeling skin on the feet is a result of gross neglect and lack of proper attention that they so rightly deserve.

Not enough moisture or fungal infections could lead to a lot of skin conditions in the feet and left untreated could grow into bigger problems such as Athlete’s foot with lots of flaking, and itching between the toes.

To counter this condition you have to keep your feet clean and use good moisturizer regularly, drinking plenty of water keeps the skin on your feet well hydrated. Use skin creams and lotions that are as natural as possible and soak your feet in water mixed with apple cider vinegar regularly for destroying the microorganisms that thrive on the dead skin cells.

Peeling skin is not an emergency medical condition but if not treated on time it can escalate into a big problem so take adequate care.

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